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Seattle, WA January 4, 2021 — Continuing its 5th-ish anniversary season, Transforming Theatre Together, the award-winning Reboot Theatre Company announces the upcoming themes for its…

Reboot Test Kitchen 2.0

The evening is curated by Artistic Director Jasmine Joshua (Reboot’s Private Lives, Nordo’s Christmas Killings at Corgi Cliffs, associate director XY at Village Theatre, assistant director Bliss at 5th Avenue; Bread Crumbs at…

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What People Are Saying


Reboot Theatre Company has created one of the most forward-thinking and respectful environments for artists of all backgrounds to explore and challenge their creativity in exciting, non-traditional outlets.

Jake Atwood
Actor, Little Shop of Horrors

"[Reboot] casts truly talented artists into roles that they otherwise would not receive because they don’t look a certain way and I wish more production companies in the area would follow that model: cast the person whose raw talent would do the role justice no matter their skin color, size, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, etc."

Cammi Smith
Actor, Sweeney Todd

"This glorious non-traditional, cross-gender, genderqueer cast is killing it. In fact, let's just remove that qualification right here and now. They're not killing it for a specific type of cast, they're just killing it."

Jay Irwin

"You know that you are part of something special. You know that you are included. You know that you are seen for who you are and loved for it. Reboot challenges the familiar, filtering it through the lens of the unknown and the impossible."

Jessica Robins
Actor, 1776, Sweeney Todd

"So much heart, talent, and honesty."

Sophia Franzella
Co-founder, Filament

"Working with Reboot twice has been a great experience, especially as someone who has been working through transition. I feel as though I was able to be seen and cast exactly for who I am. It has been refreshing and has lead me to find my purpose and direction again in the world of performance. To be able to tell stories without traditional barriers opens up so much more imagination of what our world could be."

Vincent Milay
Actor, Little Shop of Horrors, Sweeney Todd

"The casting choices gave excellent actors a crack at killer roles that would normally be denied them." "Impressive." "Dazzling." "High-octane wit."

The Stranger

"As both an artist and an audience member, I know that when Reboot puts on a production, it is going to be chock-full of talented people doing incredible work. As a queer woman of color, Reboot's accomplishments of bringing diversity and representation to the stage in new and exciting ways thrills me. Watching the company grow from 1776 through Sweeney Todd has been an exciting journey, and I look forward to what's in store for the next season and beyond!"

Mahealani Smith
Supporter, Actor, 1776
Kylee Gano Headshot

"Reboot creates the opportunity for Actors to try new types that they wouldn't necessarily be cast for anywhere else. Because of this, I've been cast as the comedic relief in two of their shows. Both experiences lead me to discover that I'm not an ingenue at all and that my true self is the funny henchman. I can't thank Reboot enough for allowing me to work with their bad ass, trailblazing company."

Kylee Gano
Actor, 1776, Fly By Night, Sweeney Todd

"Reboot knows that talent comes in all forms, colors, shapes, sizes, genders and abilities. They know it, and they celebrate it. Reboot gives folx an opportunity to show what they can DO, regardless of who they ARE. That celebration, often wrapped in non-traditional packaging, challenges the audience to question harmful norms we’ve been collectively fed as a society."

Mandy Rose Nichols
Actor, 1776, Fly By Night, Sweeney Todd

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Changing hearts and minds, provoking conversations, cultivating diverse talent, and helping artists be who they are and become who they want to be.

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Meet the Reboot Team

The team that brings it all together, the board of directors.

Jasmine Joshua (they/them)

Producing Artistic Director

Jasmine is a nonbinary transmasculine Seattle actor, writer, director, and producer. They have performed roles at Book-It, Intiman, STAGEright, Seattle Musical Theatre, and Bainbridge Performing Arts. Jasmine has…

 directed for Reboot (Private Lives, Cabaret), Cafe Nordo (The Christmas Killings at Corgi Cliffs), Midnight Rice Productions (Two Kids Who Blow Shit Up), and Twelfth Night Productions (Love, Loss, and What I Wore). They studied with the Larry Moss Studio, the Groundlings, and Jet City Improv, and graduated magna cum laude with a BA in Creative Writing from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Prior to moving to Seattle, they were a publicist at an entertainment PR agency in the San Francisco Bay Area where they handled PR for Broadway tours, LORT theatres, community theatres, ballet, opera, and a monster truck rally. They are currently writing book/music/lyrics for a transgender musical as a part of the 5th Avenue Theatre’s First Draft Program.

Harry Turpin (he/him)

Board PresidenT

Harry has been involved in the theatre community for over 20 years as a performer and director/choreographer. He has worked on both regional and national levels, with appearances and work seen at the 5th Avenue Theatre…

Village Theatre, Twelfth Night Productions, Seattle Musical Theatre, Tacoma Musical Playhouse, and SecondStory Repertory. Harry is an award-winning director (People’s Choice Gregory, Seattle Best of the Fest), and has directed both Fly By Night and Little Shop of Horrors for Reboot. Harry is an audition/acting coach and can be reached at or See you at the Theatre!

Angela Snyder (she/her)

Board Vice President

Angela holds a BA-Drama from the University of Washington and has been an active part of the theatre community in the Pacific Northwest for over twenty years. In addition to being a Reboot board member, Angela is a teaching artist…

choreographer and vocal coach, and performing artist and has had the pleasure and good luck to work with many of our regions leading performing arts organizations. Most recently Angela has worked with Studio East, Second Story Repertory, Bainbridge Performing Arts and Village Theatre. 

“Theatre has the power to change hearts and minds”

Scot Charles Anderson


Scot (he/him) returned to the Pacific Northwest after 18 years in New York City with his husband Mike. Whether as actor, director or producer, Scot’s professional performing arts career includes projects throughout Seattle, New York City and Boston…

Scot worked as a Publicity/Marketing Coordinator for Disney Publishing’s Young Adult and Children’s books, and as a manager at the popular Broadway Theatre District restaurant, Orso. He is also a member of Team Fox and advocate for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research. Scot believes that art, in all forms, has a powerful force that can bring about change, open communication and help to build a stronger, more loving community for all humans.

Emily Kight


Emily (she/her) is excited to join the Reboot board and honored to be involved in working to cultivate safe, inclusive theatre spaces for artists and community to learn and grow together. She believes fully in the power of theatre to open hearts…

and change minds and as an educator knows that we never stop learning. Emily was first introduced to Reboot as just a concept in a parking lot 5 years ago and can’t wait to see what else we can actualize in the next 5 years and beyond!

Kevin Tanner


Kevin (he/him) is STOKED to be joining the Reboot board and is proud to be helping create high-quality, inclusive theater and amplify other voices. Kevin has held a variety of marketing and technology roles at his day job and is happy to provide his expertise…

to a theatre company that is willing to be bold and take risks.  He’s been a fan of Reboot since seeing 1776 and is excited to see what reboots we have yet to discover!

Lani Smith

Board member

Lani (she/her) is a founding member of Reboot Theatre, appearing as Col. Thomas McKean in the inaugural production of 1776. She is thrilled to be returning in a new capacity as a member of the board, to help support and grow Reboot’s vision for decolonizing theatre to create truly diverse and…

 inclusive spaces. Outside of Reboot, Lani sings and is on the board of Mirinesse Women’s Choir. She holds a BA in Dramatic Literature as well as a MS in Information Management.

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