CONGRATULATIONS to our dentist
on his Gregory Award nomination!

More quotes from Gregory Award nominators about LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS:

“I found the concept of re-imaging the traditional casting of this show interesting and was surprised that it actually made the show better, with me caring about the characters more when they weren’t just stereotypes. The casting is fantastic in this show.”

“Reboot gets a million gold stars for their work bringing new voices to the stage and creating space for trans/nonbinary artists.”

“Casting was perfection. So see so many different identities onstage was a treat.”

“Reboot gets a million gold stars for their work bringing new voices to the stage and creating space for trans/nonbinary artists.”

“Harry Turpin is phenomenal as a director and choreographer. Amazing that in such a small space, he was able to create a ‘big production number’ feel and also worked the choreography and staging so that the audience on all three sides had the show facing them. Exceptional job!”

“I always appreciate when every body type is beautifully dressed, and here it was. And every character’s costume’s fit their personality perfectly.”

“Audrey II having an interactive shadow character onstage was a marvelous creative choice and gave the show added dimension.”

“Walking into the space was magical- I know what the Slate looks like normally, and Reboot completely transformed the lobby.”

“What a great show! It has all the qualities of a large production yet it is done in a very small theater – not an easy feat to achieve, especially as well as this show has succeeded. Kudos to everyone involved.”


Founded in 2014, Reboot Theatre Company
is a 501(c)3 non-profit
theatre company based in Seattle, WA.

Our Mission

Reboot Theatre Company tests new interpretations of established works through nontraditional casting, design, and methods yet to be discovered.
We believe:

Theatre has the power to change hearts and minds

In theatre that provokes conversations both in the audience and the artistic community

In being collaborative members of the theatre community

Cultivating a diverse talent pool is essential to the evolution of the theatre arts

In creating a safe space for artists to be who they are and build who they want to be

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