Gregory Award Nomination: Outstanding Performance in a Musical (As Sweeney Todd)

Mandy Rose Nichols

Gregory Award Nomination: Outstanding Supporting Performance in a Musical (As Toby)

Karin Terry

The Reboot:

Set in modern day; nontraditional casting

The Cast

Mandy Rose Nichols as Sweeney Todd
Alyssa Keene as Mrs. Lovett
Harry Turpin as Judge Turpin
Britt Allyson as Anthony
Cammi Smith as Johanna
Vincent Milay as Pirelli
Kylee Gano as the Beadle
Justine Davis as Beggar Woman
Karin Terry as Toby
Emily Welter as Ensemble
Jessica Robins as Ensemble
Kevin Tanner as Ensemble

The Production Team

Director Julia Griffin
Music Director Aimee Hong
Stage Manager Jessamyn Bateman-Iino
Set/Props Designer Robin Macartney
Costumes Barb Klingberg
Lighting Designer Carolina Johnson
Sound Designer Josh Valdez

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