Past Productions

Season Four

Sweeney Todd
May 17-31, 2019

Reboot: Set in modern day; nontraditional casting


Mandy Rose Nichols as Sweeney Todd
Alyssa Keene as Mrs. Lovett
Harry Turpin as Judge Turpin
Britt Allyson as Anthony
Cammi Smith as Johanna
Vincent Milay as Pirelli
Kylee Gano as the Beadle
Justine Davis as Beggar Woman
Karin Terry as Toby
Emily Welter as Ensemble
Jessica Robins as Ensemble
Kevin Tanner as Ensemble

Director Julia Griffin
Music Director Aimee Hong
Stage Manager Jessamyn Bateman-Iino
Set/Props Designer Robin Macartney
Costumes Barb Klingberg
Lighting Designer Carolina Johnson
Sound Designer Josh Valdez

Season Three

Little Shop of Horrors
May 4-19, 2018

Reboot: Nontraditional casting; Having an actor on stage represent Audrey II

Gregory Award Nomination for Vincent Milay for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical
People’s Choice Award for Outstanding Production
People’s Choice Award for Outstanding Director
People’s Choice Award for Outstanding Performer in a Musical (Dani Hobbs)


Seymour: Dani Hobbs (they/them)
Audrey: Tipsy Rose Lee (she/her)
The Plant: Kristie Werner (she/her)
The Dentist: Vincent Milay (he/him)
Musnik: DeSean Halley (he/him)
Crystal: Danielle Hill (she/her)
Chiffon: Jake Atwood (he/him)
Ronnette: Angela Snyder (she/her)


Director Harry Turpin (he/him)
Music Director Michael Alexander (he\him)
Stage Manager Shay Trusty (they/them)
Production Manager Jasmine Joshua (they/them)
Lighting Design Joe Wagner (he/him)
Set Design Lion.Fish.Theater.Company.
Sound Design by Justin Johnson (he/him)
Props Nick Kruger (he/him)
Costumes Jodi Freeman (she/her)
Graphic Design Kevin Harris (he/him)

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Season Two

Private Lives
by Noel Coward
May 5-20, 2017

Reboot: Genderqueer production; role of Elyot reimagined as a trans man


Jesse Calixto as Victor Prynne
Zandi Carlson as Louise
Alysha Curry as Sybil Chase
Kit Lascher as Elyot Chase
Isis Phoenix as Amanda Prynne


Jasmine Joshua (Director)
Shawna Trusty (Stage Manager)
Alex Wren (Lighting Design)
Sarah Walsh (Costumes)
Natalie Moe (Props)
Brandon Scalf (Set Design)
Shawna Trusty (Sound Design)

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Seattle Premiere of Fly By Night
November 4-9, 2016

Seattle Times Footlight Award Winner Jeff Church (“Killer Voice”)

BroadwayWorld Nominations:
Best Costumes Barbara Klingberg
Best Direction of a Musical Harry Turpin
Best Ensemble in a Play or Musical
Best Leading Actor in a Musical Garrett Lewis Dill
Best Featured Actor in a Musical Jeff Church
Best Featured Actress in a Musical Janet Callahan
Best Featured Actress in a Musical Stacie Hart
Best Featured Actress in a Musical Kylee Gano
Best Featured Actress in a Musial Tara Lynn
Best Leading Actress in a Musical Mandy Rose Nichøls
Best Lighting Design Alex Wren
Best Musical – Fly By Night
Theatre of the Year – REBOOT!

Reboot: the roles of Crabble, Joey, and the Narrator were cast with female actors


Jeff Church as Mr. McClam
Garrett Dill as Harold McClam
Stacie Hart as Crabble
Kylee Gano as Joey Storms
Janet McWilliams as Daphne
Mandy Rose Nichols as Narrator
Tara Nix as Miriam


Harry Turpin (Director)
Joel Kurzynski (Music Director)
Keegan Andres (Rehearsal Stage Manager)
Jon Winans (Production Stage Manager
Alex Wren (Lighting Design)
Barb Klingberg (Costumes)
Angela Snyder (Props)
Brandon Scalf (Set Design)
Keegan Andres (Sound Design)
Ethan Dawson (Sound Tech)

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Season One

Seattle’s First All Female 1776
June 25-28, 2015

BroadwayWorld 2015 WINNER for Best Costumes (Barb Klingberg)

BroadwayWorld 2015 Award Nominated Best Musical

BroadwayWorld 2015 Award Nominated Best Direction of a Musical (Keith Gehrig)

BroadwayWorld 2015 Award Nominated Best Actress in a Musical (Jasmine Joshua)

BroadwayWorld 2015 Award Nominated Best Featured Actress in a Musical (Mandy Nichols)

Reboot: All-female cast, diverse cast


Rachel Rene Araucto as Lewis Morris
Meredith Armstrong as Richard Henry Lee
Jenny Buehler as John Hancock
Walker Caplan as Courier
Lisa Clarke as Martha Jefferson
Kylee Gano as Robert Livingston
Pat Haines-Ainsworth as Dr. Benjamin Franklin
Amy Helms as Dr. Lyman Hall
Laura Holland as Joseph Hewes
Dana Johnson as Roger Sherman
Jasmine Joshua as John Adams
Barbara Klingberg as Andrew McNair
Amy Korver as Rev. John Witherspoon
Rebecca Lane as James Wilson
Rebecca Maiten as Edward Rutledge
Mary Lou Mills as Caesar Rodney
Natalie Moe as Thomas Jefferson
Mandy Rose Nichols as John Dickinson
Cheryl Phillips as Stephen Hopkins
Jessica Robins as Dr. Josiah Bartlett
Jean Sleight as Charles Thompson
Lani Smith as Col. Thomas McKean
Sarah Stillion as George Read
Sarah Meadow Walsh as Abigail Adams
Lisa Wright-Thiroux as Samuel Chase
Samantha Victor as Leather Apron


Keith Gehrig (Director)
Mark Rabe (Music Director)
Shigeko Calos-Nakano (Stage Manager)
Christine Brauch (Lighting Design)
Barb Klingberg (Costumes)
Kayla Rabe (Props)
Brandon Scalf (Set Design)
Caleb Dietzel (Sound Design)

Photos credit Syrinda Sharpe

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