People's Choice Award for Outstanding Production

Gregory Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical Vincent Millay

People's Choice Award for Outstanding Performer in a Musical Dani Hobbs

People's Choice Award for Outstanding Director Harry Turpin

The Reboot:

Nontraditional Casting
& An Actor On Stage as Audrey II

The Cast

Seymour: Dani Hobbs (they/them)
Audrey: Tipsy Rose Lee (she/her)
The Plant: Kristie Werner (she/her)
The Dentist: Vincent Milay (he/him)
Musnik: DeSean Halley (he/him)
Crystal: Danielle Hill (she/her)
Chiffon: Jake Atwood (he/him)
Ronnette: Angela Snyder (she/her)

The Production Team

Director Harry Turpin (he/him)
Music Director Michael Alexander (he\him)
Stage Manager Shay Trusty (they/them)
Production Manager Jasmine Joshua (they/them)
Lighting Design Joe Wagner (he/him)
Set Design Lion.Fish.Theater.Company.
Sound Design by Justin Johnson (he/him)
Props Nick Kruger (he/him)
Costumes Jodi Freeman (she/her)
Graphic Design Kevin Harris (he/him)
Photography by Jeffrey Carpenter (he/him)

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