Reboot Test Kitchen 2.0

Have an idea? Have half an idea? Reboot wants to hear it! We are inviting artists of all stripes to submit any original work! A scene, a song, an opera, original choreography, a play — if you made it, we want to hear about it! Stipends will be available for all artists selected.

But, Reboot, we’re in the middle of a pandemic!

That’s true! But we want to encourage our community to keep our artistic motors running!

Ahh. Well that’s awfully neighborly of you!

Thank you!



How is this going to work?

Glad you asked, friend! We’re envisioning most of this process to be done remotely. After selecting several original works (number will be determined by the amount and length of the submissions), we will work with the creators to get their projects audience-ready. This might mean a director, special effects budget, backdrops, special lighting, make-up, props, or costumes — we all have been in the position of having to make-do, so let’s get creative and have some fun!

Artistic Director Jasmine Joshua (Bread Crumbs at ACT, Here and Their at 5th Avenue Theatre’s First Draft Program, BA in Creative Writing from UC Santa Cruz) will also provide optional dramaturgical support.

I love this. Theatre: Macguyver-style!


So… how do I do this? How can I submit? Oh my god, I don’t even have something ready, GAAHHHH!!

Hey. Hey. It’s alright. We love you. Creating art is REALLY hard right now. Like. Really hard. Let’s be honest, making dinner beyond cereal is hard right now. We want to help you out! You can submit something you’ve already written, you can submit something brand new! There is no theme. The theme is “I made something because art is important.” Don’t stress about it <3

This back-and-forth dialogue is really cute, but can you just tell me about the important details like an adult?

WHAT: Reboot is revitalizing our Test Kitchen! We’re soliciting original works (play, music, poetry, dance, artwork, you name it) from creators of all levels. We will work with each project to assess their artistic needs for the project and provide a budget, if need be.

RULES: Thirty minutes or less. 1-3 actors. Limit three submissions per creator. If you HAVE to break these rules, email us and we’ll tawk. Please email a pitch for your project to 

Deadline for submissions: September 7, 2020

REHEARSALS: September 7, 2020 – October 4, 2020 — each project sets its own rehearsal schedule.

SHOWS: Early October (think first two weeks-ish