Cabaret and COVID-19 Update

A note from Board President Harry Turpin

Dear Reboot Theatre Community,

The recent news and statewide mandates regarding COVID-19 have given us all pause as we determine what our next steps would be. How do we serve our communities best in a situation like this, with no roadmap and/or clear path forward? 

We return to the fundamentals that make Reboot Theatre Company who we are: we are here to provide a safe space for our communities. 

As such, our board and producing partners have determined after thorough discussion the best path forward is to postpone our production of “Cabaret” to a later date and time. 

We do not make this decision lightly. Certainly, in these dark times, art can provide solace and light. Storytelling is what we do as human beings. 
We are incredibly disappointed as we were very excited to bring this new take on “Cabaret” to our audiences and the community with our fantastic group of performers and designers. We believe in this production and are committed to producing this show at a later date. Please stay tuned for details and an upcoming announcement.

Canceling or postponing a show is something no arts organization wants to do; we have worked the entirety of the year to produce our show and showcase the talent within our communities. Arts organizations all over will be impacted by these decisions for years to come. 

While the risks of making such a decision can impact the finances of a company such as ours, we believe the health and safety of our performers and community at large should take center stage. 

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We appreciate not only your understanding of this unfortunate situation but your continued support of Reboot Theatre Company.

Stay healthy,

Harry Turpin
President of the Board
Reboot Theatre Company