Reboot at the BECU Awards

A note from Board President Harry Turpin

Hello Reboot Friends and Family!

It was such an honor to attend the BECU People Helping People awards on December 5th, 2019. This was a celebration of the nominees for these grants, specifically put towards nonprofit organizations giving back to their communities. Out of 800 applicants, Reboot was one of the selected 18 to be honored.

Out of that honor came a grant for $15,000 just for qualifying. A grant like this is so instrumental to Reboot and our mission. Musical theatre is expensive, but our commitment to continually providing safe spaces for our artists to have a voice is the driving force for continuing to produce thought-provoking and boundary-pushing work such as Private Lives, Little Shop of Horrors, and Sweeney Todd. 

A grant the size of the one provided to us by BECU will help us to continue to expand our offerings, help to raise artist stipends, and further our outreach into our theatrical community and beyond. 

The evening was attended by our Vice President, Angela Snyder, Board Treasurer, Scot Charles Anderson, board member Emily Kight, and myself. We were so incredibly honored to be included with these amazing organizations who are dedicated to making a statement, helping people who need a leg up, and giving back to their communities in monumental and life-changing ways. From health, to the environment, to new beginnings, and to art, each organization featured and honored has made a major impact in people’s lives. 

When we approached the podium, we shared the stories about how much we believe in our core belief — theatre has the power to change hearts and minds — and the foundation and direction Artistic Director, Jasmine Joshua, has provided. And the feedback from the membership afterwards was overwhelming. People who shared how they were touched by the work we were doing, and how the arts have personally touched their lives — being a part of and witnessing those stories was so touching and reaffirmed the work we continue to do.

BECU’S drive to give back resulted in them raising additional monies, which allowed them to give back to the organizations with an additional prize of $4,490, bringing our total grant from them to $19,490. We were beyond the moon for the original grant but to find out we had received additional dollars made each and every one of the board members’ faces light up with joy and tears of happiness.

Doing the work we do at Reboot has been one of the most transformative and rewarding experiences in my theatrical career. It’s because of people like you and on behalf of the Reboot board, I want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support, for voting for us for the BECU grant, and for continuing to audition and see our shows. 

Theatre has the power to change hearts and minds, and with your continued support, you make that happen. Thank you all, and a big shout out to BECU for honoring Reboot with this incredible and generous grant.

We’ll see you at the theatre!

Harry Turpin
Board President