Vote Reboot for the BECU “People Helping People” Award

A note from Board member Kevin Tanner

Reboot Theatre Company is a finalist in BECU’s “People Helping People” award, an award that BECU provides to recognize and honor nonprofits that devote their time to helping others. The organization with the most votes from November 1st to November 15th will win the People’s Choice Award, a total of at least $40,000.

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That amount of money is transformative for a scrappy little company like Reboot, and would allow us to focus on our mission; to test new interpretations of established theatrical works utilizing non-traditional casting, design and methods yet to be discovered. When a theatre company is not constrained by a budget, we are able to realize our vision.

Harry (Reboot Board President) says it best in the above video when he explains, “What we have done and what the outreach that we do is to create that safe space to say you, as you as your beautifully, perfectly flawed, you, get to come and be a part of our space and be a part of our community. We will be there for you, we will amplify your voice, we will make sure that you have a chance to share your art.

As a theatre company, one of the things we believe in is, “creating a safe space for artists to be who they are and build who they want to be.” Help us create this safe space by voting for Reboot. A space where the stories we tell aren’t limited by how they’ve been told before.