BroadwayWorld 2015 WINNER for Best Costumes (Barb Klingberg)

4 BroadwayWorld 2015 Nominations Including Best Musical

The Reboot:

All Female Cast of Our Founding Fathers

The Cast

Rachel Rene Araucto as Lewis Morris
Meredith Armstrong as Richard Henry Lee
Jenny Buehler as John Hancock
Walker Caplan as Courier
Lisa Clarke as Martha Jefferson
Kylee Gano as Robert Livingston
Pat Haines-Ainsworth as Dr. Benjamin Franklin
Amy Helms as Dr. Lyman Hall
Laura Holland as Joseph Hewes
Dana Johnson as Roger Sherman
Jasmine Joshua as John Adams
Barbara Klingberg as Andrew McNair
Amy Korver as Rev. John Witherspoon
Rebecca Lane as James Wilson
Rebecca Maiten as Edward Rutledge
Mary Lou Mills as Caesar Rodney
Natalie Moe as Thomas Jefferson
Mandy Rose Nichols as John Dickinson
Cheryl Phillips as Stephen Hopkins
Jessica Robins as Dr. Josiah Bartlett
Jean Sleight as Charles Thompson
Lani Smith as Col. Thomas McKean
Sarah Stillion as George Read
Sarah Meadow Walsh as Abigail Adams
Lisa Wright-Thiroux as Samuel Chase
Samantha Victor as Leather Apron

The Production Team

Keith Gehrig (Director)
Mark Rabe (Music Director)
Shigeko Calos-Nakano (Stage Manager)
Christine Brauch (Lighting Design)
Barb Klingberg (Costumes)
Kayla Rabe (Props)
Brandon Scalf (Set Design)
Caleb Dietzel (Sound Design)